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11th Anniversary of Devastating Tornadoes

The May 2003 tornado outbreak sequence in the United States was a series of tornado outbreaks that occurred from May 3 to May 11, 2003. Tornadoes began occurring over the affected area on April 30, but the most prolific continuous period was the seven day period of May 4--10. There were 401 tornado reports in 19 states and 1 Canadian province, 1,587 reports of large hail, and 740 reports of wind damage. More severe weather broke out this week alone than any other week in U.S. history.

[0:27] On Sunday, May 4, 2003 A large tornado touched down in southwest Madison County, TN after dark. It was initially 200 to 300 yards in diameter; however, rapid intensification occurred as the funnel approached Jackson. The now 1/2 mile wide tornado plowed through downtown Jackson and damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings and homes. Several structures were leveled [1:23], warranting an F4 rating. 66 people were injured and 11 fatalities were reported [3:26], most of which occurred downtown. The tornado continued into Henderson county, though aerial damage surveys indicate significant weakening occurred just to the east of Jackson. Sporadic F0 to F1 damage was observed for the remainder of the tornado's path. It lifted just to the west of Lexington, after having traveled for an impressive 39 miles.

[03:40] The second Jackson area tornado touched down to the south of the initial track. It was reported to have been up to 1/4 mile wide, and produced F1 damage to the southwest of Jackson. The tornado then moved south of the Jackson city limits, destroying several homes and businesses. The damage in this area was rated by NWS officials to be F2 to F3. The track became sporadic and narrow as the tornado crossed from Madison county to Henderson county, and damage surveys indicated that the tornado dissipated to the south of Lexington. The total path length was 21 miles.

An article covering the storm read:

Damage is much more extensive than the tornado of 1999. 2,141 sites in Madison County are damaged. Of those, 184 are totally destroyed and 481received major damage. Approximately 1,750 of the damaged sites are residential. In 1999, only one city building was destroyed. Virtually, every city owned facility suffered damage during this tornado. Preliminary damage estimates could be up to $16-million on city buildings alone. The large "X" on buildings [4:29] does not necessarily mean your building has been condemned. The "X" was used initially by emergency personnel to indicate the structure had been checked for survivors. President Bush has formally declared Madison County a Disaster Area. Residents are strongly encouraged to call (800) 621-FEMA or 1-800-462-7585 (TTY) as soon as possible seven days a week between 8am-6pm to apply for Temporary Housing Grants and Low Cost Loans to cover uninsured property loss. 11 people were killed in the May 4th tornadoes. President Bush has formally declared Madison County a Disaster Area. This is the 8th disaster declaration in Madison County in the past 10 years. The Jackson Housing Authority has applied for and received 100 emergency, Section 8 vouchers for permanently displaced residents, including public housing residents. Citizens are strongly urged not to enter structures that have yellow caution tape. Debris may be hazardous and the potential for collapse exists.

[3:26] The 11 victims reported deceased:

Madison County victims
• 1016 Denmark-Jackson Road:
• Connie Cowan, 31
• Ryan Cowan, 8
• Chris Cowan, 34
• 1344 Denmark-Jackson Road:
• Carolyn Williamson, 40
• Quincy Williamson, 39
• 1240 Denmark-Jackson Road:
• Marilyn K. Tosh, 44
• Angela Tosh, 23
• 1347 Denmark-Jackson Road:
• Lee D. Manns, 7
• The body of George Miles, 53, was found at Boone Lane and Wells Lassiter Road. His address was unavailable.
City of Jackson victims
• [05:01] 136 D Parkview
• Erica Askew, 22
• Stephen Jordan Jr.,1

[05:52] Erica was babysitting for a neighbor that night and made sure she was able to get the other children to safety, saving her own child for last. She ran upstairs to save little Steven and as she was rushing downstairs to safety the chimney collapsed on her and her young child killing them both instantly...she was also pregnant.

Rest in peace. You are a hero...

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